From the runways to our closet, animal print is definitely another must-have of the season. It’s a trend that, even though is risky, it’ll give life to this season where colors are generally more warm. And, in Our Favorite Style we want to pass on a few tips so that your look is sexy and feminine instead of it looking like a costume or like you’re going on a safari.
  • If it seem to you like a trend that’s a bit risky start out by wearing the animal print in accessories such as scarfs, bags or shoes.
  • Use a single animal print, since using more than one would make it look too saturated and overdone.
  • When wearing animal prints, use the rest of the outfit to complement it in a minimalistic way in order to focus the attention on the print itself.
Here are a few examples of how celebrities wear the trend.
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De las pasarelas a nuestro clóset el animal print es otro must have de esta temporada.
Tendencia que, aunque es arriesgada, le dará vida a esta temporada en la que los colores son más cálidos. Y en Our Favorite Style te damos unos consejos para que tu look se vea sexy y femenino y no como si estás disfrazada o lista para un safari.

  • Si te parece una tendencia un poco arriesgada comienza llevando el animal print en accesorios como bufandas, carteras o zapatos.
  • Utiliza un solo estampado animal ya que usar mas de uno haría verse cargadísimo y desentonado el outfit completo.
  • Al llevar animal prints, usa el resto del outfit lo más minimalista posible para que la tendencia de la que hablamos sea el centro de atención.
Les dejo unos ejemplos de como las celebrities llevan esta tendencia.

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  1. a few years ago i always found that leopard was so trashy but now with the new classy designs i love it :)) i really need to get my hands on a nice pair of leopard heels 🙂


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