Since we are kicking off the fall season, I would like to share with you a few of my essential garments. Garments that for me, marked the season and which I definitely consider must haves. Every two weeks, I will be sharing with you my list of must haves. I am convinced that by adding these key garments to our closets and by combining them or using them with clothes we already have, we can achieve great looks without spending much.

1. A loose sweater (Zara), 2. Boots with metal detail ( Steve Madden Flight booties ), 3. An animal print cross body purse ( Michael Kors cross body mini bag), 4. A  “crystal” necklace (J.Crew ), 5. “Leather” leggings with texture ( Mango ) and 6. Mirror Lenses (Find them at Ray-Ban or at Sol Depot ).


que estamos comenzando el otoño, quiero compartir con ustedes algunas
de mis prendas esenciales. Prendas que para mí, marcan la temporada y
que definitivamente las considero
must haves.  Cada quince días, estaré
compartiendo con ustedes mi lista de must haves. Estoy convencida que
agregando a nuestro guardarropas las prendas claves y combinarlas entre
sí o usarlas con prendas que ya tenemos, podemos lograr looks lindísimos
sin gastar tanto.

1. Un sweater flojo ( Zara), 2. Botas con detalle en metal ( Steve Madden Flight booties ), 3. Una cartera animal print cross body ( Michael Kors cross body mini bag), 4. Un collar de “cristal”(J.Crew ), 5. Leggings de “cuero” con alguna textura ( Mango ) y 6. Lentes de espejo  ( encuentralos en Ray-Ban o en Sol Depot ).


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