El sábado, no tienen idea, pasó lloviendo casi todo el día, por lo que aproveché cuando medio dejo de llover para tomarme las fotos del outfit que andaba. Lastimosamente muchas salieron oscuras y estas son algunas de las que más o menos salieron bien. Desde hace días tenía muchas ganas de usar el collar sobre la blusa y me encantó como se veía con la falda de snake print. Pero, como por ratos hacia frío, le agregué mi blazer anaranjado favorito. Me parece que de las dos formas se ve bien (con o sin el blazer) y me encantó como se veía todo. La cartera ya se las había presentado aquí. Sin querer, mezclé varias tendencias en un solo outfit: metallic trend, snake print, color y statement necklace.
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On Saturday, it rained like you have no idea, practically all day.  So when it finally let down a little I was able to snap a few pictures of the outfit I was wearing.  Unfortunately a lot of the pictures turned out a little dark for my taste, but here are the ones that more or less made the cut.  For days I’ve been wanting to use the necklace over the blouse and I loved how it looked along with the snake print skirt.  But, since it was chilly at times, I added my favorite orange blazer.  I think both options look great (with or without the blazer) and I just loved the look. As for the purse you might have seen it on before. Unwittingly, I mixed several trends in one outfit: metallic trend, snake print, color and statement necklace.

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  1. Love both the skirt and the orange blazer! I would love to know where you got them. So few people rock orange and here you do a fabulous job! Great necklace too!

  2. The orange blazer over the snake skin skirt is super gorge. I've always thought snake skin prints look good with brights. Love the metallic touches with the cuff and clutch.

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