In our
country we are all on vacation! Here we have very hot weather.
So I look
for cloth that I can take to work as well as casual and can keep up with my busy
life style. I´m obsess with the Tank Tops. I love how they are made out of thin
fabric that makes every easy to wear the literally can go with the flow.
Tank tops
are a sleeveless shirt worn by men and women, they are a mix between a shirt
and a English sweater vest, usually knit shirt with wide shoulder straps and no
front opening, they come in any color and with a great necklace and a cardigan
o jacket you just get the look. 

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¡En nuestro paìs estamos de vacacoines! Y tenemos un clima muy caliente, por lo que me guta buscar prendas casuales que pueda usar en el trabajo y que vayan de la mano con mi estilo de vida. Y me encantan los tops. Me gusta como la tela delgada de estas prendas son tan faciles de usar y literalmente van bien con todo.

Son una prenda basica que no puede faltar en nuestro closet y su variedad de diseños, los hacen perfectos para diversas ocasiones. 


 Stradivarius transparent top

Olivia Palermos with a chocket tank top
 Gwen Stefan
Alex Curran

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