Como todos sabemos hay olores que nos inspiran y otros que nos traen recuerdos. A veces siento fragancias que al olerlas cierro los ojos y recuerdo aquel lugar, aquella persona, aquel momento. Bueno chicas, no olviden que oler es importante y sobre todo reflejar la personalidad. Según el marketing, los perfumes siguen reglas y como nosotras, ellos también tienen su propia personalidad, carácter, forma. Sea como sea, lo más importante tiene que ver con química. Antes de comprar un perfume póntelo en la piel y mira lo que a tí te evoca.

Los consejos son: 
  1.   Un perfume te hace sentir más segura y mejor contigo misma.
  2.   Cambia de perfume periódicamente y, si puedes, usa diferentes a la vez; haz cambios radicales. 
  3.   Refuerza tu personalidad, es el único accesorio de moda invisible.
Coméntanos, ¿cuáles te gustan???
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The invisible fashion accessory
Our favorite style in fragrances
As we all know there are some smells that make us feel inspired and some others that remind us something. Sometimes I feel a certain smell that makes me close my eyes and it reminds me of a place, a person or a moment. Well girls, do not forget: “smelling is important” and over all, to reflect your personality. In accordance with marketing, perfumes follow rules and like us, they also have their own personality, type and shape. Whichever way you look at it, the most important thing is chemistry. Before you buy a perfume, try it on your own skin and see what it makes you feel.
Our advices are:
  1. A perfume makes you feel secure and better with yourself.
  2. Change perfumes periodically and, if you can, keep a lot of perfumes, do drastic changes.
  3. Try to reinvent your personality. It’s the only invisible fashion accessory!

The new edition of the original Dior Addict perfume from 2002., Addict To Life, launches in June 2011. Addict To Life is described as shimmering, vibrant, indefinable, unique and unforgettable fragrance that focuses on sparkling and intense rose.
Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Printemps by Dior
Chanel is presenting a new flanker of their popular fragrance Chance which arrives on the market on April 2nd 2010. The romantic and pink new version, Chance Eau Tendre, is announced as a floral-fruity interpretation of Chance EDP.
Jàdore Eau de Parfum- Dior

Lolita de Lempicka

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana for women


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