It’s finally weekend!! I had a very busy month, traveling, launching marketing campaigns for the brand I work for and dealing with a lot of stress but now its time to rest. I want to share with you all a compiled shopping/wish list with all my favorite things for this season and this season must haves. 

Regarding fashion, be “YOU” as well in life. Few days ago I read this post in the Miss Vogue Blog It did not only made me think twice about today but it also brought me back to basics; so I want to share it with you all:
“Regarding fashion, be YOU. Don’t just wear things or look a certain way because others do, they probably look like that because they’re too scared to do something different. If you feel like wearing two different coloured shoes or a crazy hat or whatever, do it. Who’s to say if it’s cool or not? If you think it’s cool, it’s cool.”


Finalmente es hora del finde! De tenido un mes súper ocupado, entre viajes , lanzamiento de campañas de mercadeo para la marca en la que trabajo y otras cosas, pero hoy es hora de descansar así que quiero compartir con ustedes mi lista de deceos o compras de esta temporada.
Hablando de moda se Tú así como en la vida. Hace pocos dias leí en un post del blog de Miss Vogue, este post no solo me hizo ver el presente pero tambien me recordó lo básico y hoy lo quisiera compartir con ustedes:…”Hablando de moda se Tú! No solo vistas cosas o te veas de alguna forma solo porque otros lo hacen, 
probablemente ellos se ven así porque estan muy asustados de hacer algo diferente. 
Sí tienes ganas de ponerte dos zapatos de diferente color o ponerte un sombrero loco o  
cualquier cosa que te quieras poner, hazlo. Quien dice lo que esta cool o lo que no?
Si tú piensas que esta cool esta cool.”

Tickets for the Cirque Du Soleil! Dralion (Maybe I can make it to the show in Guatemala)

This super cool feather earrings cool fun and chic!

Ancle boots!

Metallic mini satchel

Megan Spike Statement Necklace

My hair to look like this!!

Yellow pants, Lovely!
Ramones T-shirt I already have one but i want another one! 🙂
Navy Print Elephant Dress

Tickets to NYC fashion week for me and Rachel! 🙂 

A Baby Siberian-Husky: To go run with! 

A trip to Tibet with monks and a lot of yoga!

Have my braces out! (a month to go hopefully)

Time to Chill, post and blog more!

A cool pair of sun glasses of course to take them with, on my trip to the Tibet!

A private beach just for me 
And last but not least.. 
I wan to go Parachute and Bungee jumping after I finish the endurance Challenge in Costa Rica this June! :O

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